Here we would like you to meet the most important events which have already been held under the leadership of our seabuckthorn association.

Ninth International Seabuckthorn Association Conference, ISA-2023

ISA Board Meeting, Berlin, Germany, 2019

8-th International Seabuckthorn Association Conference, Taiyuan, China, 2018

ISA Board Meeting, Barnaul, Russia, 2017

EuroWorks-2017, Pruszkow, Poland, 2017

EuroWorks-2016, Riga, Latvia, 2016

7-th International Seabuckthorn Association Conference, Delhy, India, 2015

EuroWorks-2014, Naantali, Finland, 2014

6-th International Seabuckthorn Association Conference, Potsdam, Germany, 2013

EuroWorks-2012, Vilnius, Lithuania, 2012

ISA Board Meeting, Finland, 2012

5-th International Seabuckthorn Association Conference, Xining, Qinghai, China, 2011

EuroWorks-2010, Potsdam, Germany, 2010

4-th International Seabuckthorn Association Conference, Belokurikha, Russia, 2009

3-rd International Seabuckthorn Association Conference, Quebec, Canada, 2007

2-nd International Seabuckthorn Association Conference, Beijing, China, 2005

FIRST International Seabuckthorn Association Conference, Berlin, Germany, 2003


Everybody of you should be well aware that everything about seabuckthorn has been started in Russia. First attempt of scientific activity with seabuckthorn date back to 30-th of last century. Lisavenko Research Institute of Horticulture for Siberia was the pioneer in selection, field technologies, biochemistry and processing of seabuckthorn. Bit later many other scientific centers in Russia joined the research activity on seabuckthorn. The Institute of Cytology and Genetics in Novosibirsk, Nizhniy Novgorod Agricultural Academy in Nizhniy Novgorod, Botanical Garden of Moscow University, All-Russian Institute of Medical and Aromatic Plants, All-Russian Selection and Technology Institute of Horticulture and Nursery in Moscow, All-Russian Institute of Horticulture in Muchurinsk, Buryat Fruit and Berries Station in Ulan-Ude, Northern Research Institute of Forestry in Arkhangelsk – it’s only of many organization have been involved in research activity on seabuckthorn in Russia.

Unfortunately at the moment only Lisavenko Research Institute carries out comprehensive research activity on seabuckthorn in Russia. The rest institutions provide only fragmentary researches.

In opposite the Europe countries, some Asian ones especially China and India increased the interest to seabuckthorn significantly.

Himachal Pradesh Agricultural University, Sikkim State Council of Science and Technology, Department of Botany of University of North Bengal, department of botany of State University in Delhi – the only of many institution in India provide the research activity on seabuckthorn in India. The leader of Indian specialists on seabuckthorn is distinguished Dr. Virendra Singh – well known man all around the world. Indian specialists are covering mostly every direction in seabuckthorn research but pharmaceutical purposes are most important for India.

European group is headed by Dr. Thomas Moersel – chairman of German Seabuckthorn Association. They are involve in processing technologies, quality parameters, marketing. Earlier great selection activity has been made in Germany by Dr. Albreht. Most popular cultivars for Europe are of German selection.

Deep biochemistry investigations are carried out by our Finnish colleagues under leadership of Prof. Kallio and Dr. Baoru from department of Biochemistry and Food Chemistry, University of Turku.

Specialists from Department of Horticultural Plant Breeding of Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences are involved in research on biochemistry, biotechnology and genetic of seabuckthorn.

Great interest to seabuckthorn pays by Romanian specialists. In particular researchers from University of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine improve the seabuckthorn assortment for local conditions as well as develop methods of micro-propagation of promising cultivars.

The main activity in Canada focused on field and harvesting technologies. Unfortunately only minor investigations are carried out in the USA.

It is very important to mention here that some researches are carried out in Japan, Bolivia, Pakistan, Turkey, Nepal, Iran and Korea. We are sincerely expect that geographic of seabuckthorn research will wide significantly in the nearest future and we consider it as the most important task for the International Seabuckthorn Association.

And now we should state out that from recent time the absolute leader in seabuckthorn researches is the People’s Republic of China. Date back to the 80-th of last century the first investigations on seabuckthorn have been started in China and just within forty year the country became the greatest in different fields of industry including seabuckthorn. There is no any sense to mention about exact institutions involved in seabuckthorn researches in China because of too many of them. And it is something about 1,2 million hectares of seabuckthorn plantation are there in China that about 500 times higher compare to Russian plantations for instance.

It is not fortuitous that namely in China the headquarter of International Seabuckthorn Association is situated. The association has been founded in 2001 and it is about 200 members from 20 countries are the members of our organization at the moment. The Constitution of the International Seabuckthorn Association you will be able to find here...






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