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Dear friends, let’s get started to talk about seabuckthorn varieties. Oh yes, the topic is extremely interesting. Without any doubts field technologies play a great role in final result of seabuckthorn plantations but correct choice of variety is the first and main step to success. There are too many seabuckthorn varieties have been released within last half a century all around the world. According to preliminary estimation there are more than 150 varieties have been selected only in Russia and Europe. They are represented by several subspecies and from the first glance it’s quite difficult to propose each of them to exact soil and climate conditions. But we would like to ensure you that everything is much more easier.

Well, for instance in Russia is about 100 seabuckthorn varieties are known, but it is absolutely impossible to find and buy 70% of them. Only 20-30% of modern varieties are under propagation and the rest are in scientific collections only or even not exist already. That is a reality. On this site you will find the description of most of selected varieties. The possibility to buy the exact variety is represented in “summary” part of description.

Especially for you we represent not comprehensive but most necessary information about varieties to understand their value and decide for yourself which of them fits your ideas and purposes. We would like to pay your attention that here you will not find information about exact productivity and biochemical composition. It’s a very tricky features depend on many options and is it incorrect to transfer productivity and biochemistry from Siberia conditions to Germany or Great Britain for instance. Of course we completely understand that for most of you the represented information will not be enough for final decision. So you should feel free to contact us for additional information by e-mail or by other ways given in “Contacts” section. We are open to the world for the last twenty years!!!

 Of course we widely distribute the varieties bred at the Lisavenko Research Institute of Horticulture for Siberia and our varieties are grown not only in Russia but in China, Mongolia, in many former USSR countries, Great Britain, Finland, Romania, Check Republic, Bulgaria, Italy and Greece. We are able to help you to obtain the varieties bred in other research centers, which could be more suitable for your conditions. But honestly for industrial plantation in Russia the Lisavenko varieties are the only choice at the moment. Nobody nowhere in Russia propagate varieties bred outside of Lisavenko Institute in industrial scales.

It is interesting to know that Lisavenko varieties are the sweetest in the world, biggest in the world, amount of thorns are lowest in the world and efficiency on handpicking is highest in the world. So as you should understand they are really best in the world. And it is not a joke. However they do not developing successfully everywhere. For more details about territories suitable for Lisavenko varieties and field technologies which help you to obtain high results please refer to appropriate section.

In Europe most popular varieties are of German selection. Of course there are several from Finland, some from Romania but most of them are only for local utilization. We should understand that compare to Lisavenko varieties the German ones (and other of European selection) are interesting not for Russia neither for rest Asian countries like Mongolia, China etc. But for Europe condition and harvesting technologies used there the mentioned varieties are very reliable.

Extremely interesting question – Is Chinese varieties. As we know China has the biggest sources of seabuckthorn in the world. According to relevant data, represented by Chinese specialists, the total aria occupied by seabuckthorn in China is about 1.5 million hectares that hundred times more compare to Russia for instance. But what about local varieties? Of course we have fragmentary information about some breeding activity in China, but honestly no impressive results. Most of Chinese varieties are descendant of Lisavenko cultivars or hybridization progeny of Lisavenko and local Chinese forms. All of them are not so productive, not so sweet or distinguished for large berries, but only more suitable for local climate conditions. Shame on us, but we know only two or three names of Chinese cultivars and they are not represented on our site.

Enjoy the pictures of most of varieties, meet the descriptions and send us your requests. With a great pleasure we provide you by seabuckthorn plants as well as by additional support and assistance in establishing of highly successful and profitable plantation.







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