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Облепиха, сорт Августина, селекция НИИ садоводства Сибири имени М.А. ЛисавенкоDear colleagues and friends of us!

Very warm welcome to our website that completely about seabuckthorn - one of the most interesting berry crop from the point of view of pharmacological and food value, ecological purposes and economical benefits.

Here you will find a lot of odd English, because of authors are from Siberia, Russia - the territory which is far away from anywhere. Here not too many people can speak English at all. But we honestly believe that most of you will understand us.

It is not the precise translation of Russian version of the site, because of last one is mostly for Russians. We will try to put here much more relevant to worldwide seabuckthorn but not only to Russian one. Of course it is difficult task, due to numerous species and subspecies of seabuckthorn distributed in different part of the world, but we will try.

In the beginning we would like to stress out that present resource is mostly for professionals which are involve in research and development of seabuckthorn. And we hope that by this it will help us to join our seabuckthorn community as much specialists as possible. But of course it does not mean that if you are just beginner or amateur in seabuckthorn this site will not be interesting for you. Feel free to contact us in any questions you have about seabuckthorn or any suggestion how to improve it.

Authors of this site are from Lisavenko Research Institute of Horticulture for Siberia - the worldwide known Institute where the most popular seabuckthorn cultivars have been selected. We distribute our cultivars all around the world and have a lot information about best ways of their cultivation in different regions.

Of course here you will find comprehensive information about seabuckthorn cultivars not only Lisavenko Institute's selection but other selection centers of Russia and abroad. The cultivation technologies as well as propagation approaches are also represented here. We tried to describe the variation of seabuckthorn species and subspecies represented in different parts of the world.

We suppose that the one of the most important part of this resource is "Articles" where different directions of seabuckthorn investigations are represented. Of course many of them are in Russian, but PDF format the all of them are represented in is easy to translate. We believe that authors who are represented here will not  be argue to be download from our pages. Of course if we will face the copyright problems all necessary articles will be removed from the site.

Here you will find not only direct and relevant information on seabuckthorn as a plant, but about most important events regarding seabuckthorn as well. And one of them is upcoming 9-th International Seabuckthorn Association Conference, which will be held in Thessaloniki, Greece. All information about it you will find on our pages.

And last but not least - before you will get started to study the "wonder plant" you should know that the society, or better say community, of specialists in seabuckthorn under leadership of International Seabuckthorn Association - is a team of real friends who help each other in any issues and every time combine hard activity with the amazing rest in the most beautiful places of the world.

So join us... and very warm welcome!!!

Sincerely yours,

Seabuckthorn team...





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Yury Zubarev

Облепиха, сорт Августина, селекция НИИ садоводства Сибири имени М.А. Лисавенко

Облепиха, сорт Августина, селекция НИИ садоводства Сибири имени М.А. Лисавенко

Облепиха, сорт Августина, селекция НИИ садоводства Сибири имени М.А. Лисавенко