Seabuckthorn varieties

of German selection


It has the early ripening and harvesting time in Berlin area from the end of August till the mid of September.

The fruits are medium big-sized, oval shaped and orange colored. The fruits maintain their intensive color until winter time. It has very high fruit density.

Fruit characteristics: weight of 100 fruits is 29 g. Total fruit acid is 5.3%, ascorbic acid 260 mg%, carotine 12 mg%, tocopherol 28 mg% and oil 3.7%.

The growth is strong and upright. Height without pruning is up to 5 m, strong main branches with some irregulary distributed side branches. Good regeneration after pruning can form 2 m long new shoots. It is medium spiny.

Askola can be used for plantation culture. Under windy situations, there is a risk of branch breaking caused by the upright growth. During harvesting, the fruits loss by machines from short branches could occur due to the very compact fruit setting. Askola was introduced in 1991 and is protected under plant licence in Germany.




Hergo has early ripening and harvesting time in Berlin area between the beginning and the mid of September.

The fruits are medium-sized, oval to cylindrical-shaped, light orange colored and with only some pigments. Fruit petioles are short. The berries are less stable in color and turn to pale in October.

The plants have heavy fruiting.

Characteristics: weight of 100 fruits is 37 g. Total content of fruit acid is 3.5%, ascorbic acid 150 mg%, carotine 5 mg%, tocopherol 16 mg% and oil 4.3 %.

It is medium-sized shrub with a broad upright habit. It has good and regular branching with thin fruit branches. Its height without pruning is up to 4.0 m. It has good regeneration after pruning. It is medium spiny.

Hergo is a suitable plant for plantation culture and hedges in the countryside. Shrubs can be harvested by machines. Plants produce high amounts of fruits. But Hergo is more sensitive to soil differences and water shortage compared to other cultivars.

Hergo was introduced in 1983.





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