Surkov Alexander - Director of "Alsu" LLC, Barnaul. Very important person in the seabuckthorn community. Not so many companies like “Alsu”, who involve in comprehensive processing of seabuckthorn and produce a wide range of products. Juices, nectars, powder, oil, etc. The geography of contacts is very wide, including foreign countries. He has own seabuckthorn plantations, but also obtain raw materials from various regions of Russia in a total volume of up to 500 tons. If you are interested in high-quality seabuckthorn products, this contact is for you... E-mail:

Sobakin Oleg - Director of “Sadovod Altaya” LLC ("Gardener of Altai"), Altai Territory. The company is involved in seabuckthorn growing for raw material. At the moment the volumes are not so impressive (up to 50 tons) and partially cover the needs of the processing capacities of “Alsu” LLC. However, because of new plantations foundation the prospects for the nearest 4-5 years are considering at the range of 150-200 tons of berries per year, which is relatively high. Industrial plantations are expanding annually, in particular, in 2021, about 20 hectares have been established. In 2022-2023 it is planned to establish from 40 to 50 hectares of plantations. Most likely, it will not be possible to buy berries here, so the contacts are just for information... E-mail:

Artemiev Dmitry - Head of the peasant farm, Altai Territory. Relatively new company, but very rapidly developing and wide open for cooperation. It closely communicates with the Lisavenko Research Institute of Horticulture of Siberia, that is why most of new varieties and field technologies are used at the company. The volume of fruit production is up to 200 tons per year. It also has a wide nursery capacity, up to 100 thousand seedlings per year. The dominating propagation technology is green cutting (as well as in the Lisavenko Institute). Very kind and friendly person, so without hesitation you can get in contact with him. Presently, the main berries customer of his is "Sava" LLC (Tomsk region), but in the future, I believe, it will be open to other buyers. If you are looking for high quality plants material, this contact for you… E-mail:

Nelin Andrey - A very famous person in the seabuckthorn society of the Altai Territory. He is the formal and official head of several enterprises and peasant farms located at Altai. Well-known nursery with the volume of seabuckthorn seedlings up to 100 thousand units per year. At the moment only wood cutting propagation technology, but it has plans to establish green cutting one. The geography of planting material supplies is very wide. Completely open for new contacts. It has significant industrial plantations of seabuckthorn, with the prospect for the nearest 3-4 years up to 150-200 tons of fruits annually. Currently, the fruits are supplied to own processing facilities (mainly seabuckthorn oil production), so there you can face some difficulties in supplying of berries. But nevertheless, the contact... +7 962 805 4904

Ebel Alexey - Director of "Altai Phyto Product" LLC, Barnaul. Extremely famous representative of the seabuckthorn community of Altai Territory. He has been engaged in the sales of seabuckthorn plant material for the past 15 years, and many times has been officially awarded as biggest exporter of plant material in Russia. In addition, it supplies various seabuckthorn products all over the world. In general, if you are interested in something related to seabuckthorn, then this contact is definitely for you… E-mail:

Panov Vitaliy - Director of "Zarya" LLC (“Dawn”), Biysk region of Altai Territory, as well as "Association" LLC, Soviet region of Altai Territory. A very important person, as he runs the largest seabuckthorn hub in Russia. Up to 3000 tons of seabuckthorn of various origins pass through the company per year. There are a lot of wild berries from different regions, but there is also a cultivated one. Despite the fact that the company carries out the main vector of cooperation with "Sava" LLC, Tomsk, but if you need a berry, then you should contact him! He is a highly communicative and extremely professional person. E-mail:

Mukhortov Sergey - Director of "Altai Bouquet" LLC, Barnaul, as well as the founder of "Yagoda Altaya" LCC, Soviet district of the Altai Territory. A very famous person in the seabuckthorn community of the Altai Territory. He is absolutely experienced in marketing and has quite specific views on the seabuckthorn development. He produces a range of the products based on seabuckthorn, positioned in premium sector. Possesses investment-oriented mind and is prone to hyper projects. At the same time, he is a very hospitable, sincere and kind person. He has the widest circle of contacts including authorities and as a result has a lot of opportunities. He mainly grows berries for own processing facilities, but from year to year put the berries to the market. Therefore, you can negotiate. And of course, for premium class seabuckthorn products - this contact for you. E-mail:

Baklanova Tatyana - Director of "Altai-Zanddorn" LLC, Barnaul. Very hospitable, friendly, cheerful and at the same time real business woman and creative person. She leads a company that processes seabuckthorn on various types of products, which are positioned as a medium-premium class. The volume of processing is up to 150 tons of berries per year. The company supply products to different regions, including abroad. She always ready to cooperate, so feel free to contact her… E-mail:

Dolzhenko Andrey - Individual entrepreneur. He is a well-known producer and the most experienced supplier of seabuckthorn planting material abroad. With no exaggeration the geography of his shipments of plant material is the widest among all the manufacturers of Russia. He is in close cooperation with "Altai Phyto Product" LLC (Director - Ebel Alexey). He exported seedlings of the highest quality in any volume to any region of the world. Young and creative. Contacts... E-mail:

Batashov Evgeny - Head of the Development Center of "Altaivitaminy" CJSC, Biysk city. He is an internationally known representative of one of the largest seabuckthorn pharmaceutical enterprises in the world - "Altaivitaminy" CJSC (director - Balushkin Alexander). There is no sense to introduce the enterprise, since it is already well known to everyone, and it produces more than 200 types of pharmaceutical products based on seabuckthorn. Until recently, the most famous person in seabuckthorn business was its former head - Koshelev Yury, but now he is retired. Therefore Evgeny at the moment is well known in international activities and from our point of view is a proper person for communication… E-mail:

Nikitin Andrey - Founder of "Sava" LLC (Director - Nikitin Evgeny), Tomsk city. Actually Andrey is not only the seabuckthorn person, but the line of seabuckthorn products produced in the company is impressive. The volume of processing is up to 1500 tons of berries per year, which is one of the largest on the Russian market. He is a top businessman, so his contacts are only corporate... And most likely, it is better to contact Yevgeny about any deliveries at the present time… E-mail:

Puzrakov Ilya - Chairman of “Sady Elizavety” Cooperative ("Elizabeth Gardens"), Ulyanovsk region. Quite young and very creative person within our seabuckthorn community. He leads the enterprise with a total area of plantations of 15 hectares (established in 2020-2021). Is not so much, but high level of field technologies including drip irrigation would allows to obtain up to 100 tons of berries in nearest 2-3 years. In Ulyanovsk region it is the biggest sbt producing company. He also involved in purchasing of seabuckthorn raw materials from different regions of Russia and supplying it to retail chains. Wide open to communication, contacts and new ideas… E-mail:






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